With the outbreak of the COVID-19, the pandemic has urged us to live with different lifestyles as we were living before. This shift in lifestyles have brought about major challenges in the business industry, adhered with cluster of oppurtunities to businesses as well. The perspective of the consumers have changed. With the new concepts like Social distancing, staying home staying safe, the cart of the business have taken a major shift towards fulfilling consumer demands.

The new concepts and trends have resulted in surge in digital demands from consumers. There is significant increase in demand for digital apps to deliver the products at home. Schools, colleages and educational institutions are opting for E-learning methodologies. The demand for services like video conferencing, home delivery apps and digital marketing have witnessed significant surge.

To the optimists the glass is always half full, with the shift in lifestyles and consumer perspective their has been considerable oppurtunities to the IT service providers. People are adapting to this New Normal and certainly this has potential to boost the industry globally and permanantly change the perspective of the end consumers.


Starting a busuiness is not as easy as it seems. the to-do list for setting up a business is never ending. Most of the times, though small, people abate the fact that how important is a website to their business. Websites play a vital role in growth of business. Website becomes a means to

  • showcase your business.
  • gain Credibility.
  • provide something of value to the customers.
  • provide social proof.
  • target wider audience.
  • represent the busainess the way you want.

In the digital era where people have the tendency to google everything, it is very important to have a business website. Website brings professionalism to your business. It changes the perspective of people towards your business. Also, getting your website designed is quite an easy task these days.


These days are either the most trying time for encouraging employee engagement or the best we could expect. With so many people trying to work remotely, many businesses need extra ways to communicate with the rank and file, and this might present a prime opportunity to try new things.

We make a big deal of engaging the customer, and in most CRM circles engagement outranks simple customer experience. Authorities like Paul Greenberg have made a crusade of engaging customers -- and rightly so. An engaged customer is far more likely to have a positive impression of a brand or company than one who merely had a good experience. Yet it must be said that the accumulation of good experiences is one way to get to engagement.

We simply have to acknowledge that there are many and varied experience types other than getting a customer happily involved with a new purchase.